Sometimes you will need an illustration created especially for your business or for a unique gift for that special someone.  Qmedia can create an illustration to your specifications in the medium of your choice.


I can also create a one-of-a-kind hand drawn pencil portrait of you or a loved one. Click here for portrait requirements and pricing.


Hand drawn pencil portrait from a photo. I can even isolate one person in a photo.

Quick computer illustration for a product on spec for a California manufacturer of hair care products.  

Snapshots that capture a personality work best.

A logo created for T Shirt silk screening for an adult baseball league.  

Glamorize yourself!

Close-ups of head and shoulders give me the detail I need to work with.

Pen & Ink Illustration for a woman's day spa advertising campaign.  



A beautiful line drawing from a snapshot of a   beloved pet.

Illustration for a hunting club to be silk-screened on T-shirts, hats and jackets.