Many design firms will charge you by the piece, project or webpage, a practice that can cost you of hundreds of dollars for something that might have actually taken just a couple of  hours to complete. At Qmedia, if your project only takes an hour, you will be charged just for that hour, not some arbitrary per page/piece price.  We can't get much more fair than that!


Basic Rate
    $50 per hour, 1 hour minimum
    design & illustration
    print brokering
    rate does not include expenses (if any)
    call 661-723-5678 or email  for further information
Illustration Rate
    $50 per hour, 4 hour minimum for 8x10 hand-drawn pencil illustration (yes, you get the original!)
      photos under consideration for illustration interpretation will be evaluated and cost will be determined before work begins
      illustration work must be paid in advance
  shipping:  $15 for 8x10 via UPS in the continental US
      color or black and white photo of head and shoulders of subject
      head should be at least 3" chin to crown  for best quality
      photo should be as clear as possible
      email jpg, gif, tiff or send original photo via snail mail. Your photo will be returned unharmed.
      call 661-723-5678 or email  for further information